Pitt County Paid Researchers

This page will have people that are willing to do research for a fee in the Pitt County area ONLY. Mainly the Register of Deeds, amd courthouse. Please email the person with your request to see if they are available to do the research for you, as well as to discuss any fees. The researchers will not travel out of County or state to do research for you. They will not order records from the National Archives, you can do that yourself or use Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Please remember do not send them an email with I want anything to do with the "Doe" family. You need to be as specific as possible, and provide as much information as you know on the person you are wanting information on. IE: I am looking for a will, estate record, or land deed on John Doe born 1754 Pitt County, died 1844 Pitt County married Jane Smith in 1774 Pitt County. He may have lived in or around the Greenville area.

Remember the researcher can only find what you are looking for with the information you provide!

Also, ask the researcher how many names you can request information on at one time before hitting them with a long list. You can always follow up by requesting more information after they are finished with your first request.

Please be polite and courteous with your requests and remember to THANK them for the information they do find for you. Remember they are volunteering to do this for a fee, they actually don't have to do it at all. : )

As you can see, researchers are needed.

If you are willing to do paid research in Pitt County please contact me Diane Siniard. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

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